Fraktjakt is so much more than just the best shipping to the best price. We give you a better shipping experience!

What will you ship?

Package & Groupage
Half pallet
Truckload and ltl

Make shipping fun again! Fraktjakt optimizes your shipping costs and provides you with industry-unique solutions such as easier order import, custom designed tracking pages, notification mail and return shipping.
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Automation of your shipping

Fraktjakt automates your shipping on many levels, to make your shipping faster and a more pleasant experience.

Besides automating your address and goods input with our Integrations and automatic Packing calculations, you can also automate the selection of a preferred shipping product, so that your integrated shipments end up directly in your cart.

Let Fraktjakt send all your shipping labels and other shipping documents automatically to your printer servers and avoid the unecessary hassle of manually having to print out the documents. Easier, faster and more efficient with our automation!

> Goodbye boredom and inefficiency

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