Packing calculations

In order to keep the shipping cost down, purchased goods need to be packaged together to as few and small packages as possible. Therefore, it is often difficult to know in advance how large the final packaging will be and how many items are needed to transport the customer's goods.

This will be a big problem for those web stores who want to be able to show real shipping costs for their customers. It also becomes an unnecessary obstacle to being able to book freight more quickly because it requires constant hand laying to choose the right packaging size.

Optimal packing all the time

With Fraktjakt's built-in packing calculations, both your online store and your employees can be assigned the right packaging size for the freight directly. Release the monotonous volume feed when the cargo dimensions are calculated automatically.

Preloaded with packing algorithms

Fraktjakt includes advanced bin packing methods at no expense for anyone with a webshop connection. These methods calculates which of your packaging is needed and which goods to pack in which packages to minimize the number of packages and shipments.

Huge amounts of possible packaging combinations are automatically calculated for each new order connection from your webshops. Fraktjakt then selects the best packaging for your shipping depending on which packaging you have available.

Optimal packing

  • Fewer shipments = Lower shipping costs
  • Faster shipping
  • See the actual total shipping cost already before your packing
  • Present the real shipping cost for your customers

Simple settings for advanced package calculations

The service activates you as easily as a button press on your webshop's setup page.

All complicated calculations take place under the hood, so the only thing you notice is that ready-made shipping is created for your customers' goods.

Customize with your smart package templates

The packaging method matches your Smart parcel templates and selects the right packaging for optimal shipping.

Here you can also control properties such as the package weight, thickness and padding of the package to calculate more accurate inner dimensions, weight and maximum weight capacity.

Easier and faster with our shipping integrations

All this and much more when you automate your shipping with one of Fraktjakt's shipping integrations.

We have everything from our dirt simple easy order import to more advanced shipping modules and customized shipping integration through our open API.

Read more about our shipping integrations

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